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Was told this was where the real bloggers resided and decided to give WordPress a try. I plan to update/post regularly so I can practice my writing. I have not quite yet figured out the sharing/publishing on connected accounts feature here, so I am toying around with that for now. In fact I am having trouble with the unfamiliarity of the site entirely, as embarrassing as it is to admit. If anyone has tips that would be genuinely appreciated. Also feel free to say hello – I look forward to getting acquainted with fellow WordPress members.

Book Review: study skills for post graduates

The Thesis Whisperer

While there are a plethora of books on how to do your PhD, very few of them deal with doing a PhD while living overseas and working in another language. Conversely, books on study skills for international undergraduate students are relatively common, so when “Study skills for international postgraduates ” by Martin Davies came across my desk I was interested.  Although it doesn’t deal solely with the PhD experience, I thought it looked relevant as it had some useful advice on things like supervision. But I felt like I didn’t have the background to give it an authentic review. I have never studied overseas myself, so I asked for volunteers at ANU. Sandra Velarde kindly offered to read it.

Sandra J. Velarde is PhD Scholar at the Crawford School, ANU. She investigates tree planting contracts for bioenergy. She holds a MSc. in Ecological Economics and BSc. in Forestry. Sandra has…

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